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Greetings From Mr.Wacky



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our show can be tailored for all ages from 3-10 years and 10 years plus and even adults, contact us for more information.


                                         wacky and young helpers


 message us on Facebook

or give us a call on

01208 832321

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 Booking Mr Wacky is simple, no contracts to sign, no payment until the day of the Party or event.

 we understand Life is sometimes unpredictable and we would never charge a cancellation fee or get annoyed with anybody for having to cancel, Even if its on the day of the Show! 


Polite Notice Due To The Weight Of Our Equipment We Have To Ask You To:

Ensure that your party venue has on site parking and a space close to the access point reserved for the long wheelbase wacky van.

Please also ensure that the venue is on ground floor or has an elevator (not Stair lift) available for us to move our equipment.

We have a list of venues and contacts available through the site menu but if in doubt please give us a call for assistance.

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Our Show has many different formats but occasionally may include the use our live animals and we take their care, comfort and safety very serious, Our Pets have fresh food/water available at all times, they have a cooling fan and our tricks are tailored and built by Mr.Wacky to ensure no stress or harm can come to our pets.

 We have Performed for an RSPCA Inspector, A Vetinary surgeon, and although some people are against the use of Animals we strongly believe and have the support from experts who have been quoted as saying, "The Animals Are Well Cared For And Have Good Stimulation, Much Better Than Sitting Bored In A Hutch/Aviary".

 Our Pets have 24Hr Emergency health care should they need it regardless Of cost, this Is funded By our performances and applies not just to our show pets but all our rescue Cats, Dogs, Birds, Guinea Pigs, Rabbits, Horses that we have taken in over the years, Without Our Performances and the popularity of our show pets we simply could not afford to keep these gorgeous Animals.


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Enhanced CRB/DBS 10 Million Pound Public Liability Insurance We Have Basic First Aid Training and Carry A First Aid Kit At All Times

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