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parents advice regarding popular tv charactors owned by Major movie Studios


We have been asked by some parents why we dont Provide Frozen Tv Charactors such as Olaf, Elsa or other popular Charactors such as the Minions, Unfortunately due to the Intellectual Rights owned by these amazing Studios who spend millions to create and perfect such amazing Charactors for Our Entertainmant it is illegal to do so!

Many others are using these tv charactors at local parties and advertising these charactors on their vehicles etc, it is A legal requirement that any performer that use such charactors in connection with their business must first seek permission from the studios legal department, they must obtain written permission to use such charactors in connection with their business and to also must pay a fee to obtain a licence for such use, to give an example of the Costs Involved one performance from an official Peppa Pig Mascot would cost £3000.00 for a Couple of Hours, the quality of the costume would have to be of the highest quality to avoid a child being disappointed and to keep up the illusion that these Charactors are real!

Even if a charactor has not been given the same name as the ones owned by the Studios or the business offers this as a free add on they must still obtain a licence!

It is also illegal if a Charactor looks very similar to the owned copyright material created by these amazing Studios. Many Uk Businesses are now receiving legal cease or decist orders and may face law suits that could force them to close down, at best they may have to let you down and not provide the charactor for your excited child to avoid prosecution.

A professional entertainer would never attempt to steal or even copy another artists material this includes multi million pound corporations, a quality entertainer will spend years developing their own style, speaking as a Member of Equity and as a professional registered businesses we cannot cut corners, cheat or even steal Material to give ourselves an advantage over other reputable businesses. 

 Please Always Ask For Proof of,

  • Public Liability Insurance
  • crb/dbs certificate
  • proof that any costume charactors are Licenced for public performances, if they cannot provide any of the above then beware they are most likely doing this as a side line and not declaring the business to HMRC 
This May all sound harsh but we are just trying to give Parents an informed choice when considering booking a party.

Our aim is to provide stress free Parties and happy memories for your Childs party or event, We are very reliable and Punctual and always take pride in our presentation it does not matter if its for one child or an audience of  a couple of thousand every person deserves the best,  We have Even more crazy Magic tricks for 2016 these have been designed and built by Mr Wacky Our Show is unique and is suitable for all ages and abilities
we will travel anywhere in the Uk we can offer different shows for repeat bookings.   

 Booking Mr Wacky is simple, no contracts to sign, no payment until the day of the Party.

 we understand Life is sometimes unpredictable and we would never charge a cancellation fee, Even on the day of the Show! 


Polite Notice Due To The Weight Of Our Equipment We Have To Ask You To:

Ensure that your party venue has on site parking and a space close to the access point reserved for the long wheelbase wacky van.

Please also ensure that the venue is on ground floor or has an elevator (not Stair lift) available for us to move our equipment.

We have a list of venues and contacts available through the site menu but if in doubt please give us a call for assistance.

 matt thumbs up  our cute pets 

 Matt and Our Show Pets

Bunny Gif

Our Show has live animals and we take their care, comfort and safety very serious, Our Pets have fresh food/water available at all times, they have a cooling fan and our tricks are tailored and built by Mr. Wacky to ensure no stress or harm can come to our pets.

 We have Performed for an RSPCA Inspector, A Vet, and although some people are against the use of Animals we strongly believe and have the support from experts who have been quoted as saying, "The Animals Are Well Cared For And Have Good Stimulation, Much Better Than Sitting Bored In A Hutch/Aviary".

 Our Pets have 24Hr Emergency health care should they need it regardless Of cost, this Is funded By our performances and applies not just to our show pets but all our rescue Cats, Dogs, Birds, Guinea Pigs, Rabbits, Horses that we have taken in over the years, Without Our Performances and the popularity of our show pets we simply could not afford to keep these gorgeous Animals.


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Enhanced CRB/DBS 10 Million Pound Public Liability Insurance We Have Basic First Aid Training and Carry A First Aid Kit At All Times

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